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 This site is edited by Gianfrancesco Esposito.

This site was born in Dicember of 2000

 Federconsorzi’s problem it is followed allover the world, especially because some importants internationals banks are creditors of Federconsorzi and of its branch Agrifactoring.Internationals banks didn’t take part in SGR.   International banks have the advantage”postergazione”of BNL and of Banca di Roma, in the Concordato Agrifactoring
A lot of internationals banks  have sold their credits towards Federconsorzi and towards Agrifactoring. Buyers  are international companies that bought those credits from important  London’s brokers

Now we want to give a hand for free to federconsorzi's creditor.

Unlacky we can't make a full english version, but on demand, we can translate for free some page.

We also accept help form everybody.

Don't esitate to write to the editorial office,also as anonimous user.

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           All credfed's services are complitely free

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All credfed's services are complitely free  Give a hand to us

questo sito č stato visitato a partire dal novembre del 2001
in terza di copertina i riferimenti di legge sull'editore del sito